Brand Integrity 101

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Consistency is perhaps the most overlooked marketing principle. So much lip service is paid to the idea that marketing messages and materials need to be consistent. That’s why we all know the slogans of brands like McDonald’s and Nike: their messaging has been consistent for years. We all learned this (seemingly) basic concept in Marketing 101, so why do so many marketers completely miss the boat? The essential part that is often missing is a cohesive brand attitude demonstrated in every level of an organization’s public presence. Be it the CEO, the community manager, or a call center rep, all members of an organization must dedicate themselves to a consistent theme and tone when interacting with their audience.

Facebook Comments Go Wild!

Originally posted at The Likeable Daily.

Facebook is just rocking the boat in all sorts of ways these past few weeks, isn’t it? Several weeks ago, the social network introduced replies to comments. Finally! Didn’t we all want that about three years ago? Fast-forward to last week. Facebook’s Twitter envy reared its head once again as it introduced hashtags! Sure, you could argue it’s just integrating an existing feature from the not-so-newly acquired Instagram, but we all know that at heart, Facebook is still trying to cash in on some of the things that make Twitter so popular. That brings us to this week, when two new features began to roll out, and community managers everywhere rejoiced! Let’s take a look and see what they are:

Facebook Mobile Ads For Dummies

Since the launch of Facebook’s mobile advertising offering nearly a year ago, the platform has seen new features and iterations just about every single week. What’s more, mobile ads are enjoying tremendous success; Facebook’s recent Q1 earnings call revealed that ad revenues doubled quarter over quarter. And yet, with such an incredibly powerful tool at their disposal, it seems that many marketers aren’t using it to their advantage.  With over 600 million Facebook members using the mobile app each month, there would appear to be a huge missed opportunity in not advertising on mobile. In reality, optimizing your Facebook ads for mobile is actually pretty simple once you set aside the resources to make it happen. Below are some simple ways to implement mobile ads.

3 Habits of Highly-Effective Marketers

In the marketing field, there are some basic Dos and Don’ts. We’ve all heard the basics at conferences and in business books, but it can be hard to remember these key learnings when the time comes to put them into practice. For the sake of self-improvement, it’s important to stop and take a moment every so often to review these best practices and re-evaluate how you’re living up to them. Call it spring cleaning for marketers. Let’s take a quick look at the building blocks of our industry and see how we’re performing, shall we?

Do This One Thing To Be A Better Marketer

Originally posted at The Likeable Daily.

I recently found myself without internet access for several days while moving into a new apartment. At first I was upset. What would I do without a constant connection to the outside world? But I soon realized that it brought me exactly the peace and quiet that I needed to do some introspection and find clarity. Since coming back online, my mind is well rested, more focused, and able to think much more strategically. But if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you can think of a million reasons why unplugging just won’t work for you…