Superman's Costume Gets A Design Update


Really liking this new tweaked look. Not a complete overhaul like the New 52 brought us, but a few small changes to bring back some elements of the classic look. The briefs aren't making a comeback yet, but I'll take it. 

Most significantly, the signature red boots are back, although in an apparently metallic form to match Superman’s belt, which is now more pronounced and topped off with a shield-shaped gold buckle. The gauntlet-style arms are gone, too, replaced with simple cuffs.

Streaming TV Is Beginning to Look A Lot Like Cable


US: Why can't we just pay for the cable channels we actually want a la carte? 

(a few years later) 

ALSO US:  Why do we have to pay for all these streaming services individually? Can't there be some kind of package to save money?

The general idea is that each of these TV services will appeal to cord-cutters and cord-nevers who merely consider old-style cable and satellite TV too costly. To overcome that, each offers what are called “skinny bundles” of channels, with fewer, at various prices.

The last thing we need is to just port outmoded cable and satellite services to the internet.