VIDEO: Apple Watch Ejecting Water in Slow-Mo

My Apple Watch Series 2 arrived two days ago and I haven't had the nerve to test this feature yet. Luckily, Nathan Smart quite literally took the plunge in my place. It's less interesting than Apple made it sound, but cool to see that it actually works! Meanwhile, I'll be keeping my watch safe and dry for now.

Beer With Geeks 125: Armand Assante?

This week on Beer With Geeks, Frank and Tim are inspired by the recent Disney live action remakes like The Jungle Book and Pete's Dragon, so they're counting down their favorite animated films they'd like to see remade as live action features. Cheers!

Beer With Geeks 124: Gordon Sundae

On this week's Beer With GeeksBatman: The Animated Series celebrates the 24th anniversary of its triumphant TV debut. Tim and Frank review the first episode "On Leather Wings" and reminisce about the series overall. Also, Tim's childhood action figure collection makes an appearance. Cheers!

Beer With Geeks 123: I'll Sign Your Dolly

Beer With Geeks 123: I'll Sign Your Dolly

This week on Beer With Geeks, Tim regales Frank and our special geek panel with tales of his adventures at Boston Comic Con 2016. A very special thanks to good friends of the show Damon and Dan for joining us on this episode. Cheers!

HD Homerun Plex DVR is Coming

Plex users rejoice! A HD Homerun Plex mashup is bringing DVR functionality to the streaming box of your choice. Whether you use Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, or any device that supports Plex, you can now watch over-the-air broadcast TV recordings. The HD Homerun Plex combo sounds like a cordcutter's dream, as long as you get good HD antenna reception in your area.

Official HD Homerun Plex DVR Launch Video:

Official HD Homerun Plex DVR Press Images: