Beer With Geeks 111: Alan Grant: Green Lantern Dinosaur Hunter

Tim and Frank are back and continue their recap of DC TV shows with Arrow season 4 and DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 1. Cheers!

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Beers of the Week: 
Sam Adams Porch Rocker
Narragansett Del's Shandy

Beer With Geeks 109: Who? Ha?!

Tim and Frank remember the genius of Darwyn Cooke by flipping through the pages of his love letter to the DC Universe: DC The New Frontier. Cheers!

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Beers of the Week: 
Guinness Nitro IPA
Jack's Abbey House Lager

Wireless Charging Comes to the Mophie | Mashable

I've been a fan of wireless charging for a couple of years now. First Duracell Powermat and now the open Qi standard. It's pretty easy to find cases or case inserts that make your iPhone compatible with wireless charging pads, and of course many Android and Windows Phones come with wireless charging built in. Apple is rumored to be considering this for the next iPhone, but in the meantime, Mophie is adding it to their battery cases. 

This strikes me as a very smart move on Mophie's part for a couple of reasons. First of all, accessory manufacturers have flooded the market with battery cases, driving down the prices consumers are willing to pay. Mophie needed to do something to differentiate their premium-priced products. Secondly, it seems to me that if Apple does add wireless charging to the next iPhone, this is a great way to bring that feature to iPhone 6/6s owners.

All in all, I say bravo, Mophie. It's not clear whether this case is compatible with the existing Qi standard, but that would make me seriously consider picking up one of these bad boys. 

Mophie's new iPhone cases let you charge wirelessly | Mophie

These 'Star Trek Beyond' Posters Will Pump You Up | TrekMovie

I absolutely love the look of these posters. Couldn't be more excited for Star Trek Beyond

UPDATE 5/31/16: New posters for Kirk and Krall released today!

UPDATE 6/3/16: The latest video poster that was posted to Twitter is an homage to the famous poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and I love it!

A new, pleasantly colorful poster for Star Trek: Beyond | CutPrintFilm

Three New STAR TREK BEYOND Character Posters Released Today: Scotty, Sulu, + Uhura | TrekMovie

LOOK: Kirk & Krall Face Front in New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Character Posters | CBR

Here Comes the Headphone-pocalypse | AppleInsider

Amid rumors of an iPhone 7 that eliminates the headphone jack, a Chinese accessory manufacturer is showing off a new lightning-to-headphone adapter. Not an absolute indicator of things to come, but it does add fuel to the fire. As someone who has been using Bluetooth headphones exclusively for over a year now, it makes me wonder: if Apple does go this route, will everyone adopt Bluetooth headphones? Or will Apple make a killing off of $29 lightning adapters?

Chinese company advertises new Lightning-to-headphone adapters ahead of Apple's 'iPhone 7' | AppleInsider

☊ Beer With Geeks 108: Flighty Like a Hydroplane

Get ready for a trip back to the Jazz Age as Frank and Tim talk about one of the greatest novels of all time: The Great Gatsby. The guys have really given this one some thought, so you won't want to miss it. Cheers!

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Beer Beverage of the Week: 
Gin Rickey