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Introducing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," an ongoing series where our hosts defend their favorite geeky topics to one another. On our first outing, Frank admits he doesn't enjoy Lord of the Rings, and Tim explains why Frank should give it a shot. Cheers!

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🔗 The Trouble With Superman | The Atlantic

This piece in The Atlantic does a good job of summarizing the way I feel about the way DC Comics has been handling Superman over the last several years. There are some things I don't agree with here, but I think the overall message is pretty on point: they very obviously don't know what to do with the character. The more they try reinventing him, the more disservice they do him.

Behold! I give you the problem of Superman. It’s a problem that has less to do with the character himself and more to with DC Comics, which found itself stuck with a flagship character it thought needed fixing. In trying, it broke him nearly beyond repair.


The Trouble With Superman | The Atlantic

🔗 Some Users Can Now Easily Switch Between Instagram Accounts on iOS | Latergramme

We learned in November that Instagram was testing multiple account switching on Android. This week, reports have surfaced that the same feature being tested on iOS as well. I'm really eager to test it out and switch easily between my @FrankRamblings and @BostonPolaroid accounts, but I don't seem to have it yet. Latergramme posted a quick and easy way to check if you're one of the chosen few. If you're reading this and you've been able to test it out, comment below!

To see if you have access to this feature, navigate to your Instagram profile page and click on “Settings.” Near the bottom, you will have the option to “Add Account.”

After adding an account, you’ll easily be able to switch between multiple Instagram accounts, accessing separate photo feeds, comments, and messages without logging out of the Instagram iOS app. When you receive likes or comments, your push notifications notify you of which account you’re receiving them on.

Instagram Rolls Out Multiple Account Switching for Some iOS Users | Latergramme

🔗 What if Earth is Actually 2 Planets Smashed Together? | Grist

An interesting theory recently published in the journal Science proposes that Earth may be the result of two colliding bodies that fused together early on. According to the theory, this impact created both the Earth and the Moon.

Astronomers have long suspected that the moon formed after a small, proto-planet, called Theia, crashed into Earth, knocking a chunk of rock into Earth’s orbit. New research by scientists at the University of California Los Angeles suggests that Theia didn’t merely sideswipe Earth, but instead fused with our planet, forming both modern Earth and the moon.

The new evidence comes from an analysis of oxygen isotopes from both volcanic rocks and lunar rocks that were brought to Earth as part of the Apollo missions. The astronomers found that the isotopes share a unique fingerprint, something that could only happen if matter from Theia and Earth thoroughly mixed together in a head-on collision.

Everything you know is a lie: Earth might actually be 2 planets smashed together | Grist