Nintendo Switch Revealed!

Nintendo's long-rumored console (codename NX) has been revealed! The Nintendo Switch is aptly titled, as it lets users switch back and forth from big-screen console gameplay to an on-the-go tablet experience. They're doing some very slick things that let you use the same controllers no matter which configuration you're in. Nintendo has a tradition of great portables as well as consoles, but they have been famously slow to jump on board with modern mobile OSes until recently. Between the recent iOS announcement and this Switch announcement, maybe they're finally catching up!

Supergirl TV Talk 2x02: "The Last Children of Krypton"

This week on Supergirl TV Talk, Snapper Carr and Metallo bring Frank and Tim lots to talk about. Frank has a bombshell prediction, and the guys share their final Cat Grant Quote of the Week...for now! Maybe there's a Snappy new segment on the horizon? Plus your emails, trailer analysis and speculation. Enjoy!

Supergirl TV Talk 2x01: "The Adventures of Supergirl"

This week on Supergirl TV Talk, it's our Season 2 premiere! Supergirl has officially moved to the CW and Tim and Frank are on it. The episode recap and review, plus listener emails and look at the season ahead. Enjoy!

Twitter’s Debate Streaming Audience Grew as TV Slumped

An interested and surprising development. Twitter's investment in streaming live events looks like it may already be picking up steam.

Twitter streamed Bloomberg Politics’ debate coverage on its platform Sunday night, reaching 3.2 million unique viewers, an increase of 30% over the first presidential debate in September, which reached 2.5 million unique viewers.... The television audience fell for the second presidential debate to 66.5 million viewers, down from 84 million for the first debate.

The Marketers Next Door 004: Curating My Lifestream

This week on The Marketers Next Door, Facebook has been busy! Frank and Marissa bring you a quick hit of the latest updates as they talk Facebook announcements about Work, Groups, and Events.