Supergirl TV Talk 1.5x05: All Right, Side Piece

This week on Supergirl TV Talk, Tim and Frank bring you their top theories for Supergirl Season 2. Who will be the villains? Will Kara, Alex, James, and Winn go through any major transformations? Buckle up and get ready for some serious speculation.

The Marketers Next Door 002: This is Fine

This week on The Marketers Next Door, Marissa and Frank dive into Twitter's new Quality Filter rollout, their history of dealing (or not dealing) with abuse, and how it impacts both users and marketers. Also, Frank really wants to be verified, and what should Marissa do about her Twitter handle once they are married?!

Google Duo is FaceTime for iOS & Android

Not a huge surprise to see Google striking here. Think of trying to Skype your mom when she has Android and you use iOS. This reduces the complexity and delivers what Apple promised FaceTime would do as far back as 2010 but never brought us: simple, cross-platform video chat.

The Marketers Next Door 001: Gimme That Low CPL

Introducing The Marketers Next Door! My new podcast where my almost-wife Marissa and I talk about our careers in social media marketing. On this first episode live from our living room couch, we talk about Instagram Stories, Twitter Moments, and Facebook's war on clickbait.

Twitter Moments - Because "Stories" Was Already Taken

Stories for everybody! Twitter is opening their Moments feature to the public, because Instagram Stories happened and now it's time to respond. The existing Moments tab will likely stay the same, but Moments created by individuals will be similar to moments currently created by brands and influencers. They will be accessible via a button on the user's profile that will take you to their Moments.

This strikes me as something they should have rolled out publicly from the beginning, but the Instagram launch may have accelerated their timeline.

Snapchat primed us for Stories, and Instagram (which has already copied Moments, mind you) polished the feature off. Moments is likely the best of the three, but who wants to wait for it?
— Nate Swanner, The Next Web