Supergirl TV Talk 2x09: "Supergirl Lives"

This week on Supergirl TV Talk, hot off their recent hit single, Tim and Frank are back to talk the mid-season premiere “Supergirl Lives” directed by geek icon Kevin Smith. Lots of fun Easter eggs in this one and the guys break them all down.

How Reshoots Saved Rogue One


Super interesting read about how the dreaded reshoots actually made Rogue One the success that it is. 

Looking over the wealth of information that’s come out about Rogue One, one can glean some interesting details about the production and how it could affect future installments of the franchise.

The Martian's Andy Weir is writing a NASA TV pilot for CBS

Oh I would watch the hell out of a show like this. If it gets ordered to series I'll be very excited. I loved The Martian , both the novel and the movie. Andy Weir is the perfect writer for a show like this.

Deadline reported that CBS has given a pilot order for Mission Control, a NASA-themed drama that “revolves around the next generation of NASA astronauts and scientists who juggle their personal and professional lives” during a critical mission.

Superman's Costume Gets A Design Update


Really liking this new tweaked look. Not a complete overhaul like the New 52 brought us, but a few small changes to bring back some elements of the classic look. The briefs aren't making a comeback yet, but I'll take it. 

Most significantly, the signature red boots are back, although in an apparently metallic form to match Superman’s belt, which is now more pronounced and topped off with a shield-shaped gold buckle. The gauntlet-style arms are gone, too, replaced with simple cuffs.